Cancer is a disease of abnormal growth of a cell.

the cells of our body grow and divide in a controlled manner. When normal cells are damaged or cells become old, they die and are replaced by healthy cells. In cancer, the signals that control cell growth do not work properly. Cancer cells keep on growing and multiply when they should stop. In other words, cancer cells do not follow the same rules as healthy cells.

Each cell is governed by genes that instruct cells how to function, when to grow and when to divide. Cancer develops from the body’s own cells: it begins with a change in the genes of a single cell. Genetic changes or mutations (changes or manipulations in the cell) can interfere with the normal function of a cell. Most changes do not cause harm, but sometimes they interfere with the regulation of cell growth. It is very rare that a change in a gene occurs just because the same thing happened to the parents. Most of the manipulations happen spontaneously, that too when cells divide into different parts. Not only this, these changes are by mistake and happen suddenly. Unlike cancer in adults, cancer in children is not caused by lifestyle or environment. Rather, most cases of cancer in children are the result of a mutation in a gene that happens by chance.

The term cancer is usually used for the cell or tissue where it starts. There are more than 100 different types of cancer in children. How cells look under a microscope and the molecular and genetic characteristics of cells provide information to help determine the specific type of cancer.
Each cell is governed by genes that determine how cells function, grow and divide.

Many cancers form clumps or clumps of cells, forming a solid lump. Other cancers, such as leukemia, spread through the blood to the rest of the body and do not collect in one place. As the solid lump grows, some cells migrate to other parts of the body. This process is called metastasis. It may also happen that the cancer spreads directly to the surrounding body.
The place where the cancer first starts is called the primary tumor. Metastasis cancer gets its name from the primary tumor. For example, osteosarcoma that begins in the bone and spread to the lungs is called metastasis osteosarcoma, not lung cancer.

What are the types of cancer?

Doctors and researchers believe that there are more than 200 types of cancer and that is why their symptoms are also different. But in this article, we will tell only about those cancers, which have made people their victims very fast. Let us know which types of cancer they are –

Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is one of the fastest-growing cancers in people. In this cancer, cancer starts arising in the blood cells of the person’s body, and due to this, there is a lack of blood in the body and cancer starts getting infected very fast in the body.

Lung Cancer

In lung cancer, the condition of the person becomes very pathetic and worsens. Its main symptoms are difficulty in breathing, difficulty in accumulating mucus, incalculable pain in bones and joints, and loss of appetite. There is a feeling of great weakness in the body. Unnecessarily tired all the time. Smoking is one of the reasons for the increase in lung cancer.

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer grows in the head part of a person. the brain tumor is also another name of brain cancer. A tumor i.e. a lump is formed in the brain part of the patient with this cancer and this lump starts getting bigger over time and gradually spreads to the whole brain.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer or also called breast cancer occurs especially in women, but it is not that it cannot happen to men. A type of lump starts to form in the breast of women suffering from this cancer, which gradually starts growing over time. If you want to prevent this, then keep getting regular breast examinations done.

Skin cancer

Cases of skin cancer i.e. skin cancer have also come up very fast in the country. Doctors say that skin cancer develops in the body due to excessive heat, not eating proper food, and not doing zero physical activity. Skin cancer can happen to a person of any age.

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Having a small amount of stress is a part of our life. It is also sometimes beneficial, for example, to do some work, we feel ourselves under light pressure, so that we can do our work well and the enthusiasm remains while doing the work.

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus causes AIDS.

The defense system of the human body is called the immune system or immune system. This immune system provides the human body with the ability to fight many viruses and bacteria.

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simply a change in the physical symptoms, which can be overcome with the right treatment. Aromatic substances, pollen of flowers, dust mites, odor of petrol or kerosene oil, mildew, pain relief pills, etc. come under this category.

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Heart Diseases

Heart disease has become the cause of death for most of the people in India. According to a study, out of 1000 people, 272 people die of heart disease and this figure may double in the next 26 years.

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Skin Disorder And care

Skin Disorders This is a disorder that affects the skin of humans and causes skin diseases. In many people the skin disorder gets cured on its own, but in some people the skin disorder is due to internal disease.

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Cold & Flu

A cold is a viral infection of the nose, throat, sinuses and upper airways which is usually not serious. This is very common and gets better on its own within a week or two in most cases.

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Diabetes is very common in today’s time. Diabetes is taking hold very fast in the way it has become a lifestyle nowadays.

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