Having a small amount of stress is a part of our life. It is also

sometimes beneficial, for example, to do some work, we feel ourselves under light pressure, so that we can do our work well and the enthusiasm remains while doing the work. But when this stress becomes excessive and uncontrolled, it has a negative effect on our brain and body and when it turns into depression, the person does not know. Depression happens to a person who is always under stress. Often the person who is afraid of something or the situation over which he has no control, he starts feeling tension, due to which a pressure starts building on him. If a person lives in these conditions for a long time, then gradually he becomes accustomed to the method of living a stressed life, then if he does not get the stressful situation then he starts feeling stressed by this too. This is the initial stage of depression.

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There are many causes of depression, which need to be known in detail. Let's discuss about it-

Due to any major change in life like an accident, any major change or conflict in life, loss of a family member or loved one, financial problem or any such serious changes.
Due to changes in hormones such as menopause, childbirth, thyroid problems etc.
Sometimes depression also occurs due to change in weather. Many people feel lethargic, tired, and disinterested in everyday activities in winter when the days are short or there is no sunlight. But this condition gets better after the end of winters.
Our brain contains neurotransmitters that affect feelings of happiness and pleasure, especially serotonin, dopamine or norepinephrine, but these can be imbalanced in the case of depression.
Their imbalance can cause depression in a person, but why they get out of balance is not yet known.
In some cases, the cause of depression may also be genetic. If there is already a problem in the family, the chances of getting it in the next generation increases, but which gene is involved in it is not yet known.

Side Effect of Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder that is not a problem of a few days but a prolonged illness. According to the World Health Organization, depression is the most common illness worldwide. Around 350 million people in the world are affected by depression. Another problem similar to depression occurs in our lives. Our mood swings are called mood swings but this is different from depression. Everyone experiences mood swings in their normal lives. It is seen less in some people and a little more in some but it does not fall under the category of depression. Our temporary emotional reactions to our daily life come under mood swings, but these temporary emotional reactions or when any sadness persists in a person for a long time, it can turn into depression. Due to depression, there can be problems like weight gain in a person, due to the imbalance in thyroid hormones, there are problems related to thyroid in the person. Long lasting depression is a serious problem. People suffering from depression are gradually cut off from the society and thoughts like suicide start coming in their mind. Due to depression, a person can also be surrounded by serious diseases, because in depression, there is a serious hormonal imbalance in the person’s body, due to which he feels more or less appetite, interest in different types of unhealthy foods, these symptoms appear. give. The digestive system of a person is also poor, he also has to face problems like constipation. Apart from this, weight gain is a common problem of the patient of depression. Psychotic depression is the most serious illness associated with depression. This is a type of psychosis associated with a severe form of depression known as psychotic depression. It is found very rarely in people and in severe stages of depression. In psychotic depression, people themselves hear such voices that they are of no use or are unsuccessful. The patient feels as if he can listen to his own thoughts. He is always hearing negative thoughts about himself and that person starts acting like that, he gets distracted very quickly and spends a lot of time doing easy things too. He constantly hears and sees things that are not really there. These patients are more prone to commit suicide.

symptoms of depression

A person suffering from depression is always depressed.
One always feels confused and defeated.
A person suffering from depression lacks self-confidence.
Difficulty concentrating on any task.
The patient of depression tries to isolate himself from the family and crowded places. He mostly likes to be alone.
In the atmosphere of happiness or even when there are things that give happiness, that person remains sad.
The patient of depression is always irritable and talks very little.
The patients with depression always seem restless from within and always appear to be immersed in anxiety.

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Cold & Flu

A cold is a viral infection of the nose, throat, sinuses and upper airways which is usually not serious. This is very common and gets better on its own within a week or two in most cases.

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simply a change in the physical symptoms, which can be overcome with the right treatment. Aromatic substances, pollen of flowers, dust mites, odor of petrol or kerosene oil, mildew, pain relief pills, etc. come under this category.

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Skin Disorder And care

Skin Disorders This is a disorder that affects the skin of humans and causes skin diseases. In many people the skin disorder gets cured on its own, but in some people the skin disorder is due to internal disease.

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Heart Diseases

Heart disease has become the cause of death for most of the people in India. According to a study, out of 1000 people, 272 people die of heart disease and this figure may double in the next 26 years.

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

The defense system of the human body is called the immune system or immune system.


the cells of our body grow and divide in a controlled manner. When normal cells are damaged or cells become old, they die and are replaced by healthy cells. In cancer, the signals that control cell growth do not work properly.

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Diabetes is very common in today’s time. Diabetes is taking hold very fast in the way it has become a lifestyle nowadays.

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