HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus causes AIDS.

The defense system of the human body is called the immune system or immune system. This immune system provides the human body with the ability to fight many viruses and bacteria. HIV weakens it by attacking the cells of the same immune system. that are white blood cells also called CD4 cells.
If drugs are not used to control the virus, HIV bacteria take over CD4 cells and turn them into a factory that produces millions of virus copies. In the process, CD4 cells are destroyed, which weakens the immune system. Eventually it takes the form of AIDS.

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It is also important for the brain to keep the gut or intestine healthy.

In order to perform the main functions of the brain properly, it is very important for your second brain ie gut to be happy. Gut microbes play an important role in digestion, immune function and weight loss. Whatever you are eating affects your digestion. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of whether you are eating the right foods for the health of your intestine or not. We are telling further about which foods are right for gut health…

What Is AIDS?

AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. It is the terminal stage of HIV infection.
HIV attacks the CD4 cells used in the immune system, leading the body to AIDS. When the body loses too many CD4 cells, it becomes a victim of many serious and fatal infections. These are called opportunistic infections. infections) when someone dies from AIDS, often the cause of death is an opportunistic infection and the long-term effects of HIV. AIDS refers to a weakened immune system of the body that can no longer prevent opportunistic infections.

Types of HIV

There are many different types of HIV. They are classified into two main types:

HIV-1: This type is found worldwide and is the most common
HIV-2: Found mostly in West Africa, Asia, and Europe

Diffence between HIV And AIDS

The mere entry of HIV into the body does not give you AIDS. You can live with HIV (having HIV+) for many years without any symptoms, or with only a few symptoms. People living with HIV should be consulted if They are less likely to get AIDS if they take appropriate medications. But without treatment, HIV eventually reduces the number of CD4 cells to such an extent that the immune system is greatly weakened. These people are more prone to opportunistic infections.
The definition of AIDS was established even before effective treatment was available for HIV. At the time, this definition indicated that a person with AIDS was in a high risk category of illness or death. In countries where HIV treatment is readily available, AIDS is no longer relevant. With effective HIV treatment available, , people can remain healthy even with low CD4 numbers. If a person was confirmed to have AIDS years ago, then his immune system can return to normal levels. Their CD4 count may be normal.
Have at least one of the essential (defining AIDS conditions) symptoms in AIDS (see our list of essential conditions in AIDS)
CD4 count is 200 cells or less (normal CD4 count is about 500 to 1,500)
People with AIDS can rebuild their immune systems with the help of HIV drugs, and live a longer, healthier life. You will still be considered an AIDS patient if your CD4 count rises above 200 after you have AIDS or have been successfully treated for opportunistic infections (OIs). Here it is not necessary that you are ill, or may become ill in the future. It is simply one way the public health system counts the number of people affected by HIV.

Symptoms of HIV

Most people cannot tell that they have been exposed to or affected by HIV. The initial subtle symptoms of HIV may appear within two to four weeks after exposure to HIV. These symptoms may include:

⦁ Fever
⦁ swollen glands
⦁ sore throat
⦁ night sweats
⦁ muscle pain
⦁ Headache
⦁ Excessive fatigue
⦁ rashes

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Skin Disorder And care

Skin Disorders This is a disorder that affects the skin of humans and causes skin diseases. In many people the skin disorder gets cured on its own, but in some people the skin disorder is due to internal disease.

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simply a change in the physical symptoms, which can be overcome with the right treatment. Aromatic substances, pollen of flowers, dust mites, odor of petrol or kerosene oil, mildew, pain relief pills, etc. come under this category.


the cells of our body grow and divide in a controlled manner. When normal cells are damaged or cells become old, they die and are replaced by healthy cells. In cancer, the signals that control cell growth do not work properly. Cancer cells keep on growing and multiply when they should stop. In other words, cancer cells do not follow the same rules as healthy cells.

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Diabetes is very common in today’s time. Diabetes is taking hold very fast in the way it has become a lifestyle nowadays.

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Cold & Flu

A cold is a viral infection of the nose, throat, sinuses and upper airways
which is usually not serious. This is very common and gets better on its own within a week or two in most cases.

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Having a small amount of stress is a part of our life. It is also sometimes beneficial, for example, to do some work, we feel ourselves under light pressure, so that we can do our work well and the enthusiasm remains while doing the work.

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Heart Diseases

Heart disease has become the cause of death for most of the people in India. According to a study, out of 1000 people, 272 people die of heart disease and this figure may double in the next 26 years.

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