Eat these 10 foods to improve your mood

In today’s competitive era, people are under a lot of stress, direct and indirect, they are under various types of pressure. Sometimes these pressures lead to depression in people. Suicide-like feelings also come in people suffering from depression, which is quite fatal.
If you also feel the same way that your mood is upsetting all the time, then apart from a good crowd, you also need a good diet. With a good diet, your mind will be happy, because you will be healthy.


Strawberries contain a good amount of potassium, which improves nerve impulses. It also contains a good amount of Vitamin C which improves mood.


Like strawberry, banana is also rich in potassium. It contains tryptophan which secretes good hormones in the brain, which improves mood. Apart from this, it also has the properties of giving plenty of energy to the body.

Sunflower Seeds

Selenium and magnesium are very high in sunflower seeds. These seeds are also rich in amino acids which freshen up the mood.

Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato brings your mind to the rhythm as it is rich in lycopene which is an anti-oxidant which promotes mental health.


Contains caffeic acid which cools the mind and pacifies the anger when there is anger.


Eggs contain zinc, vitamin B, iodine and omega-3, which keep the brain active and boost the body’s energy.


It is rich in folate and tryphoton, which is helpful in releasing any kind of tension in the brain.


Use honey in food instead of sugar. This will remove health problems and the mind will also remain cool. Along with this, blood sugar will also be maintained in the body.


Coconut contains medium chain-triglycerides, which are a special type of fat, which improves mood and relieves stress.

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate contains endamine, which improves blood circulation in the brain. It boosts mood and energy. It is also high in calories but should not be eaten in excess.

Gut Health

for a healthy gut? Before knowing about what is the right diet, it is important to know what is gut or gut health and how important it is. Most of the microbes are found in the gut.

Mindful Eating

While eating or drinking, one has to eat with the mind keeping unwavering attention on the food. It's about seeing the food and feeling it.

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Seek Health with Yoga Sadhana

Morning time is best for our health. At this time you get fresh air, which keeps the mind calm and the body healthy with healthy oxygen

Healthy Eating for Healthy Life

While eating or drinking, one has to eat with the mind keeping unwavering attention on the food. It’s about seeing the food and feeling it.

Control Your Brain with Pranayama

Prana is the power that keeps our body alive and gives strength to our mind. So 'Prana' refers to our life force and 'Ayam' refers to regulation.

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