Overview of the Slot Game “Mystery Mission to the Moon”

The Kepler space telescope and the Drake Equation have led to estimates of up to 300 million potentially habitable planets in our galaxy. Insignificant compared to the vastness of the rest of the cosmos. Either we’re not alone in the cosmos, as Arthur C. Clark put it, or we are. Both are scary in their own ways. After you’ve recovered from your existential dread, you may focus on Mystery Mission to the Moon by Push Gaming. Mystery Mission to the Moon is clearly a sequel to the studio’s successful slot Mystery Museum, both in terms of name and gameplay. However, instead of rifling through a museum for priceless artifacts, players will be propelled to the far reaches of space in an effort to retrieve alien technology and treasures.

After that great set-up, Mystery Mission to the Moon delivered a satisfying payoff. Push Gaming has designed a complex science lab to hold the game’s foundation, along with a smattering of display cases containing ancient artifacts, futuristic gadgets, and other mysteries. It’s disputed which game has the most impressive looks, but Mystery Mission to the Moon has well-drawn symbols, beautiful animations, and a great large win count-up sequence, so visual enthusiasts may rest easy.

The gaming section, which has grown considerably since Mystery Museum, occupies the room’s larger center. This time, it’s a 6-reel, 4-row grid with 20 paylines that’s being explored. It’s hardly surprising that the volatility is so high, and the RTP is conditional on your strategy. Players may expect a maximum theoretical return value of 96.25% while playing in the normal mode with bets ranging from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin. The Ante Bet feature is a novelty for Push Gaming, and it can be found in Mystery Mission to the Moon. If you want a better shot at getting the Wild Moon symbols that are required to launch the free spins bonus, you may activate this feature and boost your wager by 25%.

It’s time to launch after wagers have been settled; wins may be made by getting at least three identical symbols to appear on consecutive reels in a left-to-right paying line. Eleven different pay symbols are employed, including four different types of rocks, a medal, a pincer-like device, a ray gun, a robot, an explorer, an extraterrestrial, and a mysterious man with luminous eyes. The symbols have a cool retro-futuristic vibe, like a cross between Lost in Space and Futurama. The top Mystery Martian symbol is worth 500x the bet for a full house of six of them, while landing six rocks pays 5x the wager. The following six symbols pay 15x to 100x the bet for a full house of six of them.

Slot Game Features Revealed by Mysterious Moon Landing

The Mystery Stack sign is an important one to keep an eye out for on the detectors. There are Mystery Stack Symbols lurking on every reel, and when three of them appear during the main game, they are urged to cover the entirety of their corresponding reels, becoming gold in the process. When a winning combination is rewarded, all 20 paylines (regardless of where they fall on the grid) exhibit the same pay symbol. During testing, conventional reels with matching symbols between Golden Mystery Stack symbols contributed to the win.

Savage Moon Symbols

The Wild Moon tile is also significant. First of all, Wild Moons may replace any icon outside the Mystery Stack. It appears on all reels and replaces any other symbol to produce the same payout as the jackpot. Additionally, 8, 10, 12, or 14 free games are awarded for seeing 3, 4, 5, or 6 Wild Moon symbols.

Bonus Turns

When Mystery Stacks appear during free spins, they expand to fill the entire reel and then stay put until the feature finishes. Each spin of Mystery Stacks always reveals the same paying symbol. The Mystery Stacks on the grid will turn gold when there are three or more of them. Wins are awarded across all 20 paylines regardless of where the revealing Gold Mystery Stacks land in the playing field. Furthermore, one extra free spin is granted whenever Mystery Stacks trigger.

Additional Purchase Bonus

If the Bonus Buy option is presented, players can use it to pay for instant entry to the bonus game. You can pay 102x, 161x, 237x, or 332x the initial wager to acquire free spins that are triggered by 3, 4, 5, or 6 Wild Moon symbols, respectively. Last but not least, you may pay 200x to guarantee landing at least three Wild Moon symbols. In the Game Info page, you can see that the RTPs for the various difficulty settings range from 96.3% to 96.65%.

Judgment on the Moon Mystery Mission Slot

Playing Mystery Mission to the Moon was like being caught in a vice from the very first second till the very last. The gameplay is essentially similar to Mystery Museum, although Push Gaming has pushed a few components in new directions. In order to, as Push Gaming puts it, “ramp up the volatility,” the grid size and number of paylines have been increased. The evaluation sample saw bonus round payouts everywhere from several hundred times the initial wager to pitiful, unaccompanied zeros. While the journeys on Mystery Mission to the Moon probably weren’t as rough as those in Mad Cars, they may still be uncomfortable.

Tucked behind in the rough patches is the possibility of some very thrilling experiences. Each free spin added to the suspense as the Mystery Stack symbols spun to reveal a matching pay sign during the bonus game, which was triggered when three or more of these symbols were stuck in place. It’s a fantastic development of the long-standing and widely-appreciated pay-all-lines mechanism in the vein of the ‘Book of’. From this vantage point, a complete screen of the Mystery Martian at 10,000x is equivalent to winning twice as much on a single spin as you would in a game like Book of Dead.

The fact that the odds of winning are lower than they were in Mystery Museum is one element that can dampen some players’ enthusiasm. Due to the win maximum of 10,000x, the most that can be earned is a Mystery Martian full-screen victory. To be precise, the odds of winning are 1 in 1,216,101.8 with the Ante Bet activated and 1 in 1,778,410.1 without it. However, unless seeking the largest rewards on Earth or elsewhere is a priority, the highest prize in Mystery Mission to the Moon is a substantial sum. Overall, Mystery Mission to the Moon is a polished release that will appeal to those who want an excellent ‘Book of’ substitute or who were intrigued by what Mystery Museum has to offer.






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