Sex is of equal importance to both men and women in a relationship.

‘Sex’ is of equal importance to both men and women in a relationship. Although it is a feeling of happiness for both, but in the experience, a lot of difference can be seen in the views of both. In a developing country like India, the process of having sex before marriage is seen from a different perspective. In many parts of the country, the western culture of sex before marriage does not go down the throat. Well, now it is said that the atmosphere has changed and the country is on the path of progress. On the basis of this thinking, boys and girls are not taking time to hand over themselves to each other. Does sex mean a lot in a relationship? Does sex really make a couple positively energetic?

Is sex necessary in a relationship?

If the answer to this question is taken from many couples, then their reaction can be mixed. He will personally think of many things before answering. But let us tell you that having sex in a relationship depends on your personal thinking, physical needs, and the extent of your relationship.

Sex is not necessary in a relationship?

The opinion of some regarding sex in a relationship is that they are living a happy, healthy, and romantic life even without having sex while in a relationship because there are many reasons to have or not to have sex in a relationship, which are physically and mentally. maybe related. But this does not mean that doing so will affect your relationship. Or your partner does not appreciate you and your love. It cannot be said that sex is everything in an unmatched relationship.

Why is sex important in a relationship?

Why is sex important in a relationship?
Some people living in a relationship also consider sex to be necessary. That’s why they give first priority to sex in the relationship. Let’s know the reason
Gives an opportunity to build a good partnership with your partner.
It is a great tool to show love and care towards your partner.
If you have sex daily in the relationship then it secures your relationship.
Sex is the medium of the feeling of pleasure.
Or you can also plan to get pregnant with it.

Important facts about having sex

Many people are emotional about sex. There are many emotional benefits of sex, such as it instills confidence in you, it causes pleasure in your body, proves to be a good formula to show love to the partner as well as relieves stress. Maintains the balance of hormones in you. Makes you feel happy every moment in life.

Meaning of physical sex

Sex can also be good for your physical condition. For example, let’s look at some things.
– Strengthens the immune system.
It falls under the category of light and fun workouts.
– Removes heart-related problems.
– Helpful in strengthening the memory.
Sex can relieve migraines and headaches.
It also removes the problem of fertility.
– Helps in bringing sleep.

Sex is not the only weapon for intimacy

Let us tell you that those who have the idea that sex with a partner gives a feeling of complete happiness, then they need to bring some maturity in their thoughts. Because even though sex takes you to the climax of pleasure, but you can make your partner feel happy in these ways too.
By touching the partner with love, you can make them feel happy.
– Express your immense love by ‘kiss’ them
To explain to the partner the real importance of belongingness and love, put your hands in their hands.
Be honest with your partner and talk sweetly.

Contradictions in couple's views on sex

There are some couples in a relationship when at one point of time both of them have a situation of contradiction towards sex. Or to say that one is allowed on sex and the other wants to avoid it. This dilemma is seen more in those couples, one of whom has low libido and the other is opposite to it. In such a situation, mutual understanding and discussion between the two proves to be helpful.

Women's Health

Today's woman is capable of working outside the home as well as outside. But in the hectic life of each day, she forgets to take care of her body, heart and mind.

Men's Health

The lifestyle of men in Indian society is much more hectic than women. Men also have more responsibility than women. They have to balance things at home and outside, which is very difficult.

Mental Health

Both physical and mental health are very important for any person. If a person is physically healthy but his mental health is poor then he will have to face many types of problems in his life.

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